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Corporate Branded Mirror - Aimed at Promoting a Company at a large scale event

This package does not have a base cost as we have to customise it specifically to the Event, some features of this are listed below.

*Custom front touch screen, this would include your logo or event aim etc
*The countdowns and animations between the photos will once again be your own custom branded designs
*Custom backdrop, this once again would be designed working very close with the company's team to get the correct branding and selling point.
*Multiple Templates designed to promote the event and brand name

*Fully GDPR Compliant

If the Corporate Branding is something you would be interested we have gone into a little bit more detail for you below;

As mentioned above, Magic Mirror Jersey continues to grow and help brands and corporate clients take their events to the next level.

We are always on the lookout to bring our clients the latest in photographic wizardry to help you connect more with consumers and help brands engage directly with their target audiences.

The Magic Mirror's

We’ve tapped into the trend with The Beauty Mirror & Mirror Air and along with our partner in on the mainland have helped more than 200 individuals and brands engage, excite and interact with guests and target consumers throughout the UK.
The Beauty Mirror is a unique photo activation, delivering professional quality photographs that can be immediately shared on social media as well as via text or email.

The 'Beauty' of the Mirror Booths are that they're adaptable. The team at Magic Mirror Jersey will work closely with you to create an activation that reflects your brand, as well as deliver what you are trying to achieve. Complete customization, from branded Backdrops to custom overlays and animations, you can clearly see the potential for maximum brand awareness.

Once we're on site the fun begins because no one can resist the chance to pose in front of the Beauty Mirror and have their image captured.

The buzz doesn't stop there with guests immediately sharing their images on social media and the option to take home a printed keepsake from the event.

Additional features include the chance to sign your photo, add emojis, digital props or play retro games you’ll soon see what sets The Mirror's apart from other photo booths.

The technology behind the Magic Mirror's are brand spanking new and is constantly being updated with new and fun features, it is already making waves across the events industry.

If you want to engage with your consumers and guests and create a memorable and interactive event, then look no further than Magic Mirror Jersey.
We love nothing better than entertaining and with our UK Partner we have curated over 200 events in the last year. You can trust that your event will be in safe hands.

Why choose us for your next event?

-       Achieve maximum brand exposure for your event or product launch
-       Create engaging digital content
-       Drive consumer engagement
-       Increase online brand presence with instant social sharing
-       Grow your database

Thinking of Booking?

Weddings & Events

Let us bring the fun to your Wedding & Event with our Beauty Mirror


We will make your Product Launch, Brand Activation, Event or Business Party Shine!



Check out what our Clients Think!

We had a cult fiction party where guests where asked to dress as a Quentin Tarintino character and The magic mirror team adapted all the images and props to fit the theme of the party. I would highly recommend!!!! 🖤

Lauren Burnett, Jersey

Amazing fun! Adds some extra fun to the party and gives you lasting memories! Great quality prints, enough for everyone to have a print so no need to fight over who gets to keep the photo and you get digital copies after the event. Props are huge fun as well. Couldn’t fault, worth every penny!


Elise Wetherall, Ce Soir, Jersey

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